Art meets functionality

As a craftsman/Artist I am always challenged to create functional pieces with an artistic flair. I have three  new pieces I would like to present. The hurricane wine holder, made from solid oak. Inspired by the natural raw power of a hurricane, but softened by the curves in which it spins.  img_4867img_4869The next piece is a beachy basket. Don’t let the name fool you it’s many uses never ceases to amaze. From festival craft beer carrier to barbecue caddy to picnic basket and many other uses. With it’s signature red cedar handle and distressed aqua finish it feels like spring cant be to far away.img_4872Last but not least the perfectly portable wine caddy. Made especially to hold one bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Use it for display at home or take it on the go. Picnics, parties, a walk on the beach it’s perfect.



Author: Jeffrey Jednat

Artist, craftsman, gourmand, Christ follower, husband, father, brother and son.

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