Art a window into the soul

Recently I attended my first art show in Myrtle Beach. The day was filled with business and excitement. As I set up my tent and watched others do the same, carefully placing their art on display it occurred to me that the artist there were putting an actual piece of themselves on display for the world to see.

At that point I looked inside and questioned my ability to create works of art that people would understand and appreciate. I guess its no different from meeting someone for the first time hoping that that you will be accepted and appreciated for your unique character.

Through out the weekend I had the chance to meet some very interesting people that made some truly fascinating art. From abstract fine art, pottery, wood working, jewelry, photography and metal works.

We all had one thing in common that day, that we all were using our God given gifts to create a piece of ourselves with a medium that we felt passionate about. My medium is primarily wood. Cutting, shaping, grinding, sanding into a vision which is in each and every one of us.

Express yourself try something new today, try and show people who you are through your art. You will be surprised as I was at what I found. That each piece of art is as unique as the person that created it.

Author: Jeffrey Jednat

Artist, craftsman, gourmand, Christ follower, husband, father, brother and son.

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