Reclaim and create

For some reason I can just look at a piece of wood and make something out of it in my head. This sometimes can be a blessing and a curse.

The blessing being that I get to create useable, functional, rustic and sometimes whimsical pieces that are just fun to make out of wood that would otherwise be thrown away or burned.

My curse is that my workspace is overcrowded with a pluthera of reclaimed wood and logs, the days of excitement when I find a red cedar or oak and realize that I have to move a 500 lb log in order to mill it.

As I roll and flip this log I thank God for providing free resources and giving me  this artistic outlet which excites and satisfies every time something is created. 20170817_120122

Author: Jeffrey Jednat

Artist, craftsman, gourmand, Christ follower, husband, father, brother and son.

One thought on “Reclaim and create”

  1. Hi Jeffrey, I’m a visual artist, just moved to the area. Had to say that I just love your work 🙂 it make a me smile! Hope to see it in person at a festival in town. Wishing you much success. .
    Elizabeth Thrift

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