Live edge

God being the master designer of all things made trees in particular very unique. On the outside they look like they’re reaching straight for the sky above. Branches coming out everywhere as if they were competing  to see which branch gets the most sunlight . There seems to be no Rhyme or Reason how big or how tall the tree is or what color the leaves are. Not to mention how many different species of tree that there are some bear fruit some don’t.

But in the hands of a skilled Craftsman with the swing of an axe or a stroke of a chainsaw we are able to get a glimpse of the beautiful design inside of every tree looking at the grain as it flows as River water flows Downstream. No two grains are the same each as a fingerprint is as unique as each person.

The next time you look at it natural Live Edge piece of furniture imagine the fingerprint that the Creator put upon it making it its own unique identity and one of a kind fingerprint in this world.




Author: Jeffrey Jednat

Artist, craftsman, gourmand, Christ follower, husband, father, brother and son.

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