New year, new opportunities.


My journey as a craftsman has opened many doors and opportunities to me in the last year.  From art and craft shows to custom wall art to live edge furniture, this passion of mine has led me to another great opportunity to showcase my work and abilities to a much wider audience in 2018. Please join me at the Myrtle beach convention center January 30th through February 1st for one of the East coast largest and most coveted venues for craftsmen to showcase their work. It’s going to be a great year!

Live edge

God being the master designer of all things made trees in particular very unique. On the outside they look like they’re reaching straight for the sky above. Branches coming out everywhere as if they were competing  to see which branch gets the most sunlight . There seems to be no Rhyme or Reason how big or how tall the tree is or what color the leaves are. Not to mention how many different species of tree that there are some bear fruit some don’t.

But in the hands of a skilled Craftsman with the swing of an axe or a stroke of a chainsaw we are able to get a glimpse of the beautiful design inside of every tree looking at the grain as it flows as River water flows Downstream. No two grains are the same each as a fingerprint is as unique as each person.

The next time you look at it natural Live Edge piece of furniture imagine the fingerprint that the Creator put upon it making it its own unique identity and one of a kind fingerprint in this world.




Reclaim and create

For some reason I can just look at a piece of wood and make something out of it in my head. This sometimes can be a blessing and a curse.

The blessing being that I get to create useable, functional, rustic and sometimes whimsical pieces that are just fun to make out of wood that would otherwise be thrown away or burned.

My curse is that my workspace is overcrowded with a pluthera of reclaimed wood and logs, the days of excitement when I find a red cedar or oak and realize that I have to move a 500 lb log in order to mill it.

As I roll and flip this log I thank God for providing free resources and giving me  this artistic outlet which excites and satisfies every time something is created. 20170817_120122

Style and personality

Recently I had the privilege of making a reclaimed wood wall for a friend at his gym and found it quite fulfilling and satisfying.

With a vision not my own I was able to convey the sense of what kind of personality and  style this person has through this wall.

When I work on a custom piece of art for anyone it gives me a glimpse of who they are. That’s one of the reasons I love to  create. It also helps me see another’s perspective of the world around them. Which in turn adds different perspectives for me and my direction that I use for my art.

It’s amazing to see my style change as I incorporate other people’s visions into my work.

The bottom line is being able to put yourself in another’s shoes gives you a different view of the world other than your own which in turn would increase my understanding of everyone’s unique part they play in this life.20170701_152003.jpg

Art a window into the soul

Recently I attended my first art show in Myrtle Beach. The day was filled with business and excitement. As I set up my tent and watched others do the same, carefully placing their art on display it occurred to me that the artist there were putting an actual piece of themselves on display for the world to see.

At that point I looked inside and questioned my ability to create works of art that people would understand and appreciate. I guess its no different from meeting someone for the first time hoping that that you will be accepted and appreciated for your unique character.

Through out the weekend I had the chance to meet some very interesting people that made some truly fascinating art. From abstract fine art, pottery, wood working, jewelry, photography and metal works.

We all had one thing in common that day, that we all were using our God given gifts to create a piece of ourselves with a medium that we felt passionate about. My medium is primarily wood. Cutting, shaping, grinding, sanding into a vision which is in each and every one of us.

Express yourself try something new today, try and show people who you are through your art. You will be surprised as I was at what I found. That each piece of art is as unique as the person that created it.

Art meets functionality

As a craftsman/Artist I am always challenged to create functional pieces with an artistic flair. I have three  new pieces I would like to present. The hurricane wine holder, made from solid oak. Inspired by the natural raw power of a hurricane, but softened by the curves in which it spins.  img_4867img_4869The next piece is a beachy basket. Don’t let the name fool you it’s many uses never ceases to amaze. From festival craft beer carrier to barbecue caddy to picnic basket and many other uses. With it’s signature red cedar handle and distressed aqua finish it feels like spring cant be to far away.img_4872Last but not least the perfectly portable wine caddy. Made especially to hold one bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Use it for display at home or take it on the go. Picnics, parties, a walk on the beach it’s perfect.



Love is all you need

In this world of bitterness and strife I cant help but lift my eyes upward and ask why? Then I hear a still small voice tell me “selfishness”. I’m thinking who me? Then I remember a time when I could have smiled at someone and told myself what’s the point. Another time I could have held the door for someone, or made that phone call to a relative I haven’t spoken with in over a year, or visited a dear friend after his wife of 40 years passed away. At this point I realize that the still small voice was actually right. I actually am selfish. As valentines day approaches I am challenged not to look outwardly at other peoplescupid5.png actions  but to look inwardly and look at my own. How can I make the world a better place in which to live? It all starts with me and my attitudes and the choices I make every day. Today I choose to smile at that person passing by, today I choose to hold the door for someone, today I choose to make that difficult phone call, today I choose to be a friend to someone in need. Today I choose “LOVE”.